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Colour craze: Copper & Rose Gold

Since the first blush of rose gold on modern catwalks in 2011, the world has gone mad for warm metals.

Now taking over interiors, copper and its beautiful rose gold alloy, make stunning additions to any room.

The glowing hues of these pinkish metals create a deep, high shine finish. Both are ideal for adding warmth to your decor.

Examples of the use of copper go back as far as recorded history. The element was very prominent in early civilizations – with the earliest known piece of copper jewellery dating back to the eighth millennium BC.

A hybrid of copper and gold, rose gold first came into fashion in Russia the early 19th century. But it wasn’t until Cartier’s 1924 launch of the “Trinity Ring” that the metal’s popularity boomed.

Its modern comeback first saw an array of rose-toned jewellery – and now the alloy is making a statement in interiors – from lighting to kitchenware.

The warm hues of both metals can be mix-matched with other metallics and colours – but also look perfect against a clean, neutral backdrop.

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