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Hello April

Spring’s first fully-fledged month has arrived. And the promise of warmer days and longer nights has definitely put a spring in our steps. Even the odd shower won’t dampen our sunny optimism for what April has in store.

Here are some fab events and general April-ness we are looking forward to:

Bank holiday fun.

The ever-so-long-awaited first bank holiday of the year is almost here. Whether we decide to jam it packed full of activities, or laze about for days on end; we are excited. We are very excited.

Angela Landsbury Film Festival.

That’s right. There’s a two day celebration of Angela Landsbury – Jessica Fletcher herself – this very weekend. Held in Poplar, where the Dame’s grandfather was an MP, the event is sure to thrill all super fans like us. We’ve been humming the Murder She Wrote theme tune all week…

Alfresco dining.

Okay, we may not have a super cool Manhattan rooftop, but we do have overcrowded London beer gardens. Every tipple just tastes better outside.

International Pillow Fight Day.

The mayor has desperately tried to stop Londoners from viciously pillow fighting this Saturday… but the event will ahead for the brave few. Feathers. Everywhere.


Slowly but surely our urban jungle is bursting to life with beautiful blooms. It’s proving very hard to stay grumpy with such loveliness all around.

Berwick Street Festival.

Soho’s Berwick Street is throwing a free mini-festival on Record Store Day (Saturday April 19). Good music and special discounts on clothes and art & design sessions – nice.


“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything” – William Shakespeare.

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