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Nook loves…The Willoughby Book Club

As an incurable bunch of bookworms, the Nook office was delighted to discover The Willoughby Book Club.

This personalised “book-a-month” gift service has succeeded amazingly since its 2012 beginnings.

It all began when Chloe Pollard couldn’t find a suitable book gift service as a present for her husband, Adam. Surprised at the lack of options available, the two took matters into their own hands and started one themselves. “It was to be a part time venture which we worked around our full time jobs,” explained Chloe. It took off so fast that she gave up her job as a marketing manager to focus on the book club full time.

Chloe said:  “It’s been an amazing first year for us. We’ve never looked back.” The two won the Country Business of the Year Award last year and were also shortlisted for the Young Bookseller of the Year award in 2013.

“We’re thrilled at what we’ve managed to achieve so far – and we’ve got plenty more in the pipeline to keep us busy for the next couple of years and beyond!”.

The couple have even managed to squeeze in time to have their first baby, Wyn Felix Pollard, who had been keeping them extra busy the past few months. The Willoughby Book Club has a wide range of children’s books as well as adult fiction, non-fiction, coffee table glossies and classics. Adam said: “Being new parents, we know that books are so important because they encourage a sense of imagination and creativity. With just a little ink and some pages, children can be transported to another world entirely”.

Based in the charmingly named Leicestershire village of Willoughby Waterleys, the book club tailors each book individually to each subscriber’s preferences and interests. Adam explained that he hopes their business will break down some barriers to enjoyable reading: “There are so many truly great books and authors out there today, that it’s often a case of ‘too much choice’. Reluctant or less confident readers are faced with the difficulty of knowing where to start…which is where we come in.”

As indecisive little Nook worms, we’ve truly loved handing over the responsibility of choosing our next reads and gifts for friends. And we’ve been delighted to find each beautifully wrapped new book spot on.

What’s more, with every gift subscription sold, a brand new book is donated to the reading charity Book Aid International – which encourages literacy in Africa. So, you can rest assured you are buying into something really rather lovely indeed.