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Introducing… Nostalgia lights LED Long life bulbs

It’ finally happened, they’re here in all their extra long-life, environmentally friendly, money saving glory; LED bulbs! It may not be as exciting an event for all as it is for us, but we’re pretty pleased with our new additions.

We’ve housed an extra-long life, 20,000 hour LED filament inside our most popular Super Globe glass outer, also available in the small Globe style and with either a gold, or silver cap, which we’ve popped on for good measure.

All our LED bulbs are packaged in the same beautifully designed Nostalgia Lights branded packaging, but features new white ink print.

Now you may be thinking LED filament bulbs aren’t perhaps the most exciting of things to discuss and although many would agree, we think they’re worth a small mention at least. Not only for fact that the new Nostalgia Lights additions are a greener, considerably more environmentally friendly way of lighting; but they will also make you huge savings, whilst remaining a design led product (for all the design conscious out there).

We’ve ensured this product is of the highest quality, with all our LED bulbs offering a 50,000hour life expectancy and a guaranteed three year warranty.

As always the Nostalgia Lights range is available to the retail market, so if you’re interested in stocking some of our lovely products, don’t hesitate to get into contact.

That’s all for now.

The Nook Team x

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