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A rustic and industrial look in Tuscany featuring Debbie Travis

Nook London is proud that our range of vintage and industrial light bulbs and pendant sets have been selected to decorate the Tuscan Gateway of interior designer Debbie Travis.

Debbie has renovated a property in the breathtakingly beautiful countryside of Tuscany and she transformed it into an exclusive boutique hotel for women’s retreats.
We are happy to imagine our Super Globe Squirrel Cage providing light for business women from around the world in a Tuscan oasis.

We followed closely the construction developments for Debbie’s retreat and we felt, very much like Debbie, totally inspired by the Tuscan landscape and colours. Of course, we know we are not the first ones to fall in love with Tuscany: an array of A-Listers have notably set up camp there and to be honest who could blame them?

A rustic countryside look

Tuscany is known around the world as the birthplace of Renaissance with beautifully and traditionally decorated buildings; However, so much of its beauty is hidden away in its traditional rural cottages.

Traditional interior design in the cottages in Tuscany are meant to be first and foremost, functional, simple and practical in their décor.

Functionality, however, does not translate into emptiness or a lack of design, quite the opposite in fact; as with our much-visited topic – Industrial design, it’s a firm belief good design must always marry functionality with style.

Colour palette and materials:

Slightly deferring from our usual colour palette, the colours of Tuscany are warm: burgundy reds, or an elegant golden browns, found in exposed wood and stone, or more specifically terracotta, that pave floors and tile walls throughout Tuscany and the surrounding region.

Terracotta is a clay based ceramic and Mediterranean equivalent to the UK industrial staple; concrete or brick. It is widely used in Italy, but it can be found all around the world and possibly most interestingly not just as a material for interiors, for example the famous Terracotta Army found in China. They were built for Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s mausoleum: thousands of warriors and chariots all made in terracotta.

Terracotta is a material great for moderating temperature and thus is incredibly useful in the hot Italian summers, this is dually useful for wine conservation, keeping temperatures low and guarantees a better oxygenation; another perfect example of marrying utility with beauty.

Although the thought of a Tuscan villa may not immediately conjure the image of a modern interior; as with many industrial styled interiors, marrying traditional with modern often results in a bespoke and impactful aesthetic. Debbie has introduced our Nostalgia Lights exposed filament bulbs and hits of colour with our bespoke made pendant sets into her true Tuscan retreat, sure to result is a high-end interior; traditional, yet design led in feel.

The Nook London Team

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