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Edison bulbs

What are Edison Bulbs?

Thomas Alva Edison is perhaps the most famous inventor of the late-19th and early-20th centuries. Among his many achievements was the invention and mass production of the incandescent light bulb in 1879. These early bulbs used carbon filaments to produce a warm yellow glow.

The modern Edison bulbs are a reproduction of these early devices. Carefully designed to match the look of Edison’s original bulbs, they combine a Victorian-era aesthetic with all the technological advancements of the last 140+ years, resulting in the ultimate expression of retro lighting.

Edison bulbs

Are Edison bulbs LED?

Yes – modern Edison bulbs forgo the archaic carbon and tungsten filaments of their predecessors in favour of LED filaments. The Large Edison Silver Spotlight from our Nostalgia Lights range, for instance, uses 6 such filaments to generate that familiar warm glow.

Are Edison bulbs dimmable?

Yes – being illuminated by LEDs, you can adjust the amount of light generated by the Edison bulb to suit your mood and your surroundings.

Are Edison bulbs energy efficient?

Yes – the purpose of Edison bulbs is to provide the aesthetic of 19th century electric lights, while benefiting from the advancements we enjoy today. Not only are modern Edison bulbs highly energy efficient, they have an extra long-life expectancy of around 20,000 hours. What’s more, our Nostalgia Lights all come in recycled packaging.

Are all Edison bulbs yellow?

No – these days you can buy Edison bulbs in all sorts of colours. While the originals burned a certain colour based on the temperature of the carbon filament whilst in use, today’s LED Edison bulbs can come in any colour you want.

Edison pendant light

Will an Edison bulb work in my current light fitting?

Probably not. Edison bulbs come with a set screw size, known as E27 (the 27 standing for 27mm, the diameter of the bulb’s screw thread). This is larger than many domestic bulb fittings. However, that’s no reason not to take advantage of these attractive lights. At Nook London, we have a range of replacement fittings in store in antique, brass, and copper finishes. We also have complete Edison pendant lighting sets available.

If you’re looking for Edison pendant lighting for your own home or business, we have a range of bulbs, fittings, and accessories available from our onlne store. These are available with next day delivery across the UK, and benefit from fast delivery across Europe and the rest of the world.