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vintage industrial strip lights


industrial interior

If you follow design trends, you will already have heard of the industrial look. It’s being used in private homes as well as commercial properties, bringing a whole new aesthetic to buildings across the UK.

But what exactly is the industrial look?

Like so many design trends, industrial is so much more than its component parts. While there are many design elements that are proving popular, few of them actually define the trend.

The industrial style

Industrial style is a no-frills aesthetic. Not quite minimalist, its adherents believe in a no-nonsense approach to décor. Bare bricks, unvarnished woods, and unpainted metals all form part of the overall style. In terms of effect, what you’re looking to recreate is the open, lofty appearance of a factory, a warehouse, or some other industrial structure – hence the name. This style harkens back to places frequented by the bohemian 50’s beat poets, the artists and musicians residing at The Chelsea Hotel and Andy Warhol’s The Factory. In its essence, it’s a building’s raw shell of original features used as a canvas to house creativity, personality and eclectic collections.

Blending the past and the present

This is a cornerstone of industrial style. While the architectural fixtures might look antiquated, the fittings and furniture are usually anything but. Plush leather couches and handsomely upholstered easy chairs look right at home in an industrial setting. Other decoration tends to be salvaged or recycled materials. A side table made from a repurposed barrel, for instance, or a driftwood picture frame. It’s an eclectic approach that can produce fascinating results.

Mixing and matching

Industrial is all about incorporating the things you love and making them work within the style, rather than the style itself dictating what you can and can’t use. Do you want bare wooden floorboards with a thick, lustrous rug? Go for it. How about redwood timbers with wrought iron decorations? Why not? Industrial is less about rules and more about feel – that really is the key.

Lighting up the room

vintage industrial strip lights

When it comes to industrial lighting, there are several ways you can go. Caged strip lights are certainly popular among proponents of this style, although pendant lights are also very much in favour. These often incorporate exposed bulbs for that authentic, turn-of-the-century industrial warehouse look.

Whatever plans you might have for your home or commercial building, the industrial style is one that can likely accommodate all of them. For more information on vintage and industrial lighting, get in touch with Nook London today.